Next Season Stepping Stone
Next Season
Stepping Stone
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I hate posting about my band, because we only have the one song recorded, so I have to post the same one every time. 

I’m posting it right now though, because in 3 weeks, we’re heading to the studio to record our debut EP, “Get Better, Kid.” It’s going to be 5 songs, and we’re planning on having our release show in mid/late June. That date will obviously be the official release date for the EP as well, which will be posted online for purchase, or for free download. I don’t know what we’re doing yet. If you could pass this around or something, to help get the word out, that would be cool.

To anyone from Michigan who is interested, we’ll be having our EP release show at The Noruh Grotto in Port Huron. We have don’t have a concrete line up yet, but once we get all the bands, and a poster made up, I’ll be sure to post that here in case anyone wants to come. I don’t think I have many followers from around here though.



Thanks, and enjoy.


For fans of: Major League, Handguns, Such Gold, State Champs, etc. 

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